When disaster strikes, do we have a Plan B in place to protect our loved ones?

“My husband suffered a stroke this past week. He’s going to be in the hospital for a long time.”

I was so shocked to get this email from a student’s parent over the weekend. Her husband is only in his 40’s. He is a talented software engineer making a decent income to provide his family a very nice and comfortable living.

Within less than a month, so many people’s life got turned upside down. The news came faster than I can take in … students’ parents involved in car accidents, illness like stroke, cancer; the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria; Earthquake in Mexico; etc. I am feeling heavy-hearted!!!

What is Financial Plan B?

Many people think that I have life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, mortgage insurance, accidental insurance, my family is protected.

You might want to think again. Do these insurance policies pay for monthly mortgage, grocery, bills, and the best education that you always want to give your children? Insurance, disaster relief fund, donation can only go for a short period of time. The rest of the life relies on ourselves.

Financial Plan B is an alternative income source that can provide us some extra cash flow every month. When anything unexpected happens and cuts off or dramatically reduces the main income source, we can have a piece of mind. Many ways we can start our Plan B. Of course, the sooner we start, the earlier we can have a solid plan B in place when needed.

Is there an easier way?

“Hansel and Gretel contributed equally to pay for a $238 watch for their father. Hansel used 2/5 of his savings to pay for his share of the present and Gretel used 1/6 of hers to pay for her share. What fraction of Gretel’s savings was Hansel’s savings after paying for the watch?” Most likely you can solve the above 5th grade math problem. How many steps did it take? One step? Great! – simply change 1/6 to 2/12 🙂

Often, solving life problems are just like solving math problems. There are always many ways to get to the final solution. You prefer using Algebra with equation to solve. That works. Yet, one needs to have some Algebra skill. Others might prefer to figure out dollar amount going thru multiple steps of calculation. That works as well. It just takes longer time. There is no right or wrong way. But there is an easier / better way or a harder / longer way.

Same as for Plan B … INDEED, THERE IS AN EASIER WAY. Email me, if you would like to find it out. mathplus_ats@yahoo.com

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