Virtual for ALL Group and Private Sessions

MathPlus has been going virtual since March 2020 and will continue going virtual.  There are pros and cons for virtual sessions.   Some like it and some don’t.   The reasons are all understandable.  

Here are some pros:

a) With Skype sessions, we cover way more (double or triple) problems/examples than before. 

Time is used very effectively with Skype sessions.  When in classroom, I write on the white board as I talk, erase the board multiple times after students copied the work in their notebook.  We also ask students to do a couple of problems, etc.  We spend time waiting … wait for all students to get ready, wait for most of the students to complete some problems or done copying, etc.

b) All screenshots are available on Skype for one week.

I spent HOURS in advance to write all material/problems/examples/graphs (step-by-step), take screenshots.  Students copy them down in their notebook BEFORE or AFTER the session.  There is no waiting time … copying and erasing, etc.

c) Questions are not limited to the classroom time.

Before, we can only answer questions in classroom.  Now, they can ask any question (including school material) any day and time of the week. 

d) Parents know EXACTLY what are covered in the class.

Before, often, parents would ask if they could sit in the class to listen so that they could help their child at home, if needed.

e) Parents don’t need to rush back from work, struggle and risk with the heavy traffic.

Indeed, there are pros and cons for Virtual vs in person.   There is no right or wrong.  It’s simply a personal choice.   MathPlus will continue Virtual sessions for both group and private.    Thank You 🙂

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