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MathPlus has helped hundreds of students gain invaluable skills and confidence in mathematics, problem solving, analytical reasoning, as well as a love for learning. Many happy parents and students have experienced positive results and have made it clear, MathPlus has really complimented their education. See for yourselves!

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Big Improvement

We are referred by a friend. Her son has seen big improvement after taking MathPlus class.

Joe K

Great Math Program

My son has been in Ms. Birdie's math program for a little over a year and I have seen a tremendous improvement in his math skills. I believe that this math program has already laid a strong math foundation for my son. I am very thankful to our friend who told us about the program.

Great Math Program

The Right Place for a Bright Future

Both my boys are very excited with Ms. Birdie's Math program. I love the course material she uses which greatly develops concept acquisition, critical thinking, and application of skills in Math. Ms. Birdie is a very passionate teacher and we are very thankful to have her teach my boys.

I strongly recommend Ms. Birdie if you are looking to enroll your kids in any Math program!

Rashmi Narsetty
The right place for a bright future!

Ms. Birdie Makes Math Fun

Ms. Birdie is an awesome teacher. Our kids love going to her math class. We occasionally ask both our boys (11 and 13) to discuss the subjects and teachers they like the most (from all disciplines) and they have rated Ms. Birdie repeatedly as one of the top teachers in their list. They said she makes math fun and they really enjoy this class and learn a lot from this class.

We are very thankful to Ms. Birdie for making math fun for kids.

Sushma Wokhlu
Ms. Birdie makes math fun

Most Reliable Math and Reading Center

male-testimonial MathPlus is by far the best math tutoring center there is. I have been sending my three kids through this program for the past 10+ years and I have seen tremendous amounts of improvement in their mathematics skills. My children continue to excel in mathematics in school and have all been placed in gifted and talented programs. I would most definitely recommend everyone to send his/her kids through this program.

Arshad Mirza
Most Reliable Math and Reading Center

Best Teacher; Best Material; Best Result

male-testimonial My son just started his first grade at school a few days ago. Yet, he won the FIRST GRADE math contest in May. Ms. Birdie has been teaching him for the last two years. Now, his math skill is in 3rd grade level and he LOVES it. He enjoys math so much and always asks for more homework. Ms. Birdie must have some magic 🙂

Best Teacher; Best Material; Best Result

Superior Math Program for All Grades

MathPlus has excellent programs which can fit everyone. All my 4 kids go to Ms. Birdie to enhance their math skills. They all got full score in SAT Math Subjects. In MathPlus, Ms. Birdie not only taught them math skills but also helped them to gain the confidence and self-respect. This will benefit their whole life. My oldest two children both got into Princeton University and the younger two kids are excellent as well.

Thank you very much, Ms. Birdie

Maggie Li

Maggie Li
Superior Math Program for All Grades

The Class is Awesome

male-testimonial I took Algebra I last year during summer when I was going to 8th grade. This class helped solving all my questions. When 8th grade started I had no problem in school. This year I'm talking Algebra II so I won't have to take it in 10th grade. This class is awesome. The teacher Mrs. Birdie is really nice, always responsive and positive. I enjoy having classes with her.

Chilung Chang
Mathplus really helped me slit

High Level of Math Learning

male-testimonial I have two sons in elementary and middle school. I had been having personal math tutors some year long and found no improvement, honestly speaking. I came across MathPlus through my friend and decided to give it a shot.

The contents that my kids are learning is far better than private tutor, and MathPlus curriculum has higher level than normal. It is definitely NOT a one-on-one learning experience for my kids, but it rather challenges them to study more at home trying to solve the problems using other resources through their homeworks.

I am very satisfied with learning at MathPlus, and will certainly ask parents to try it out first. Like I mentioned, your kids have to be involved and motivated to be successful in this learning environment.

It is a great plus to my kids, and one of them made GT this year.

Hawk Jung
High Level of Math Learning

MathPlus Gave Me Strong Math Skills

male-testimonial Last semester I enrolled in the Honors Academy at UTA and took the College Algebra class. We had terrible textbooks with wrong answers in the back. As a result, I went to talk with the teacher about it, and in response he wanted me to find all the correct answers through the book so he could send it in for re-edition. Anyway, at the end of the last class period before finals, he came to talk to me. He thanked me for helping him with the textbook and commented me on my math skills (my scores on the tests). He then recommended me to do engineering and offered to make recommendation letters for me in the future! Isn't that exciting!

This all wouldn't have happened without MathPlus! Thank You, Ms. Birdie 🙂

MathPlus Gave Me My Strong Math Skills


female-testimonial Both of my kids love MathPlus excellent math programs and they enjoy learning Math from wonderful teacher Ms. Birdie. it's very helpful to improve their math knowledge.

MathPlus is the best! Thanks Ms. Birdie!



male-testimonial My son has been enjoying the program in the past year. His math is improving a lot, so I am happy to recommend Ms. Birdie!

clement chen
Great education


male-testimonial I am preparing to leave for Stanford University and I just wanted to thank Ms. Birdie again before going to San Francisco. Thank you for all the help and support that you have giving me. I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication and I want you to know that I shall carry forth and cherish forever the lessons you taught me in diligence, perseverance, and patience. I did win the National Merit Scholarship! My parents and I are very excited and grateful. I could not have achieved such a wonderful reward if not for your tutoring in mathematics 🙂 My family and I once again wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the time, effort, patience, and kindness that you devoted in helping me through this crucial stepping-stone in life! Thank You, Ms. Birdie

a Grateful Pupil


female-testimonial My daughter is taking algebra and is progressing well. She has a head start for the upcoming year. We are satisfied by the improvements that we see.

Fayza Rehan
Good Class


male-testimonial The most experienced teacher, the best quality education, Ms. Birdie is the most amazing teacher that my children have ever had. They are having so much fun in class and have learned so much from her. We are very happy to find her and referred MathPlus to many friends.

KC Dennis
Top Quality Education


female-testimonial My daughter has been a continuous student in MathPlus. She began in 1st grade and after six years, she still is in MathPlus. She told me how much fun she has there. She said that even though she complaints at first about going to MathPlus, once she gets there she enjoys her one hour and 15 minute session. I feel like her mind gets fresh when going there. She often told me that MathPlus has helped her a lot at school. She is one of the top math students in her grade. She received a president award for her good grades when she was in the 5th grade. I have referred many of my friends to MathPlus.

Shaz Mir
Best in Texas


male-testimonial Enrolling my son in this program has improved his math skills to the point where he gets to enjoy his summer, instead of taking summer school again. Ms. Birdie's dedication, passion, and experience make her stands out.

Howard Dennis
Great Program


female-testimonial My daughter is attending Birdie's MathPlus class since last August and we have seen improvement. My daughter truly loves this class and she insists on continuing this math program.

Fayza Rehan
Great Improvement

I GOT 800 🙂

female-testimonial I am so happy. I got 800 on SAT math and SAT II math. Thank You So Much, Ms. Birdie, for years' great lessons. You are the BEST!

Lesley Burch
I got 800 🙂


female-testimonialMy two children love MathPlus so much. They have been MathPlus for three years and developed positive attitude using math skills to solve their real life problems. My children told me that Mrs. Birdie is an excellent teacher, who makes important math concepts easier to understand. I strongly recommend MathPlus to families who wish their children have positive attitude toward math.

Happy Parent


male-testimonialMy son, James, is in 7th grade and was having trouble with his math homework. Both my wife and I work long hours so we simply don't have the time to sit down with him and help him as much as we would like to. That's why it was such a blessing to find MathPlus. The tutor, Ms. Birdie, is absolutely wonderful - knowledgable, experienced, and great with the kids. James raves about her and always seems to have a great time at his lessons. His grades have improved from a C- average to the B+/A- range after just 6 weeks of private sessions! We couldn't be happier. Thank you, Ms. Birdie!

Anthony Demby


male-testimonialMy daughter has been going to MathPlus for 3+ years and recently passed her CBE (Credit By Exam) with flying colors. According to her, the coursework at MathPlus more than prepared her for the CBE and for her math classes in general. Ms. Birdie comes highly recommended.

James Hsu


male-testimonialMy son is a very smart boy and has always tried really hard at school. After a conference with his teacher I found out he was having some difficulty in math. His grades were still above average, but he just wasn't reaching his full potential. MathPlus has helped Jonas reach his full potential. With Ms. Birdie and the sessions at MathPlus, Jonas now has a solid math foundation and actually looks forward to class.

Justin Lesh


male-testimonialMy niece has been in Ms. Birdie's class for more than two years now. I observed that she turned from an above average student in middle school to a creative and logical thinker in many subjects she took. She is now pretty much in the top 5% of her classes and maintains the highest scores in her Math and Science. The changes came from Ms. Birdie's unique teaching methods to inspire students to be logical and creative in finding solutions to problems. The training my niece receives surely helps in many of her school subjects, not just math. I highly recommend MathPlus for students seeking a high level of inspration to succeed at school and daily life.

Robert Schultz


female-testimonialBecause of Ms. Birdie's remarkable teaching techniques, my son has turned from fearing math to loving it. The lessons he receives from MathPlus help him in both Math and Science studies. He used to struggle with both of them, now he excels in both classes. Thank you Ms. Birdie for your superb ability getting children to learn and enjoy learning.

Karen Chang


female-testimonialMy kids are very smart, but I couldn't help them with math. Ms Birdie is an excellent teacher, who helped my kids reach their high potential, and have confidence in math. Thank you so much for wonderful job.



male-testimonialI have attended MathPlus since 7th grade for at least 5 years. MathPlus has enabled me to excel and relax in math classes. The teacher, Mrs. Birdie, explains and builds strong math principles in easily understandable concepts. I definitely learns more math at MathPlus than at school!



female-testimonialMy daughter is very smart. She has jumped two grades in Ms. Birdie's class and with MathPlus for 5+ years. She still loves to go to Ms. Birdie's class. Ms. Birdie explains clearly that she can pick up the subject right away.

Dy Lin


female-testimonialNot only does MathPlus have great lessons planned to help students out with school, the atmosphere is comfortable for the kids. There is no extreme or intense pressure to always be right; instead the class is open and is ideal for learning. Also, the teacher is awesome. 🙂

Andrea Fa


female-testimonialMy daughter Eshee is going to MathPlus. She likes the teaching and she loves going there. MathPlus is a nice place for learning.

Sufia Khatun


female-testimonialMy son is in 8th grade now. He has been in enrichment programs since kindergarten. However, it is at MathPlus with Birdie that he finds really fun challenges in math and truly enjoys the thrills after solving a math problem. Birdie has the patience and skills to make math comprehensible to all her students, young and old alike. We are glad that we finally come to the RIGHT PLACE FOR MATH. Birdie has built my son's confidence in math and most importantly his passion in learing math. We strongly recommend Ms. Birdie and MathPlus!

Debbie Liu


male-testimonialI like MathPlus because they have good curriculum math. Ms. Birdie is a good teacher and she has lot of patience. It works for me.

Mamta Jain


male-testimonialFive years ago, when my son was in the first grade, we learned about Singapore Math and were very happy to find MathPlus and Ms. Birdie. My son said that math is his favorite subject. Thanks to Ms. Birdie.

Kirk Bednar


female-testimonialThe math material used in MathPlus integrated the basic drills, word problem solving and critical thinking exercises together. Ms. Birdie is a very encouraging teacher. She encourages the kid promptly when the kid shows the improvement. We have been in MathPlus for one semester, and I already see my kids making a lot of improvement on the math.

Jennifer Cai


male-testimonialMathPlus provides an excellent math program for kids with various age groups. I have two kids in this program for the last four years. Under Ms. Birdie's guidance, they not only improve their math knowledge, but also learn how to enjoy the fun of math. During the years, my kids had passed the CBE (credit by exam) and also won some math competitions. Ms. Birdie is a wonderful teacher with great patience, experience and knowledge in math teaching. Thank you Ms. Birdie for your consistent excellent teaching.

Kunyang Wang


male-testimonialMy kids have been going to Math+ for several years now and their academic record speak about it. Math is their strongest subject now. Under the guidance of Ms. Birdie, Math+ is an excellent enrichment program to supplement school learning.

Asad Aftab


male-testimonialBefore joining MathPlus Enrichment program, my two kids had no confidence in math because they do not quite understand. After joining MathPlus for two seasons, my kids are now performing better in school and most importantly they love to do math homework. I think the program really help them to be in the next level and preparing them to be successful in high school or college later. I strongly recommend the program to any kids even those who are already good in math. Way to go MathPlus!

Tony Vo


female-testimonialMs. Birdie's math program is the best in the area. My kids have been joining the program for several years now. Their math skills are improving tremendously. I highly recommend this program. Thank you Ms. Birdie!

Loan Nguyen


female-testimonialMy two children have taken MathPlus courses for three years. The courses in summer and regular session help them tremendously on their academic grades. They are also enjoying Ms. Birdie being their teacher. Strongly recommend to anyone!

Christina So