IMPORTANT! — Having a Financial Plan B in Place

Having a Plan B in Place to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

I have been taking many ordinary things for granted, like getting off bed in the morning, walking, sitting, and getting in and out of cars. Now, every morning when I get out of the bed, every step I take, I appreciate it wholeheartedly.

We watched these stories every day on TV, on internet. I have never really thought too much about it until something happened. First couple of weeks in June, these everyday activities were huge challenge to me!!! Why?

About a month ago (in May), on a raining day, I slipped on the stairs. It happened in a split second. Before I could react, my tailbone hit the stairs hard. The first week after the incident, I was okay. Then it went downhill – my lower back pain got worse and worse. Finally, I decided that I needed to see my doctor.

When I walked slowly and in a very funny / painful way toward doctor’s building, I saw a lady struggled to get off a car and walked slowly toward the same building. We looked at each other for a few seconds and laughed. We are long time friends, just haven’t seen each other for some time. She asked first: what happened to you? I told her I slipped on stairs. And I asked her: what happened to you? She said she was involved in a car accident, had the back surgery and now is going thru rehab.

That night, all these realities gave me a huge wake up call. I was doing so well. She was too. Then in a split second, I could be paralyzed, so could she.

Examples are everywhere. A good friend of mine has been the only finance source of his family. He is in top management position making a decent income. A couple of months ago, he found out that he has cancer. He and his wife are extremely concerned, not only for his health but also for the family and two young kids.

The reality is that anything could happen to any of us in a split second.

When disaster strikes, do we have a Plan B in place to protect our loved ones?

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