Alg I Honors Skype Full Session on 3/22 @11:30 am

a) Students can/should start week 10 homework and try to complete as much as possible.
b) 3/21 @11:30 am – we’ll have a full-hour Skype session.
c) Week 11 packet will be emailed to parents on 3/21 after the Skype session.
d) If Skype sessions don’t work for your child, please send me an email after Skype session (by 10 pm on 3/21) to stop me from sending you future packets.

On 3/21, we will do the following …
a) talk about Quadratic Function – Vertex Form and Standard Form (p.1 #1(e), #2(a))
b) talk about textbook – Complex Numbers (p.243 #54, #70, #38) Square Root Property (p.266 #20, #22)
Completing the Square (p.266 #28, #40, #42)
c) answer questions

About the Skype call:
a) If you are late, you can still “Join Call”.
b) Once you are in, please turn off your camera and send a brief message with student’s name. Because the Skype name doesn’t match with student’s name, I can’t tell who is in.

Let’s try the full session on 3/21 and see how it goes.

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