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MathPlus Testimonials

Awesome Teacher

“Ms. Birdie’s math program is the best in the area. My kids have been joining the program for several years. Their math skills are improving tremendously. I highly recommend this program. Thank you Ms. Birdie!”
~ Nguyen

MathPlus Testimonials

Great Improvement

“My daughter is attending Ms. Birdie’s MathPlus class from August and we see improvement and it is very successful. My daughter truly loves this class and she insists on continuing this math class.”
~ Fayza

MathPlus Testimonials

Top Quality Education

“The most experienced teacher, the best quality education, Ms. Birdie is the most amazing teacher that my children have ever had. They are having so much fun in class and have learned so much from her. We are very happy to find her and referred MathPlus to many friends.”
~ KC Dennis

MathPlus Testimonials

Right Place for Math

“My son is in 8th grade now. He has been in enrichment programs since kindergarten. However, it is at MathPlus with Birdie that he finds really fun challenges in math and truly enjoys the thrills after solving a math problem. Birdie has the patience and skills to make math comprehensible to all her students, young and old alike. We are glad that we finally come to the RIGHT PLACE FOR MATH. Birdie has built my son’s confidence in math and most importantly his passion in learing math. We strongly recommend MathPlus!”
~ Debbie

MathPlus Testimonials

Excellent Math Program

“Both of my kids love MathPlus excellent math programs and they enjoy learning Math from wonderful teacher Ms. Birdie. it’s very helpful to improve their math knowledge.

MathPlus is the best! Thanks Ms. Birdie!”
~ June

MathPlus Testimonials

I Got 800 🙂

“I am so happy. I got 800 on SAT math and SAT II math. Thank You So Much, Ms. Birdie, for years’ great lessons. You are the BEST!”
~ Lesley



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About MathPlus

MathPlus was established in 2003 with the goal of providing math education for children and young adults, ages 5-18, in the Plano, TX area.

MathPlus has helped many students improve their PSAT/SAT scores, and/or sharpen their learning, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Approach & Benefits

The students of Singapore consistently top the world in math achievement and MathPlus seeks to bring that same math excellence to Plano.

Singapore Math is concept-based, with a progression from visual, to pictorial, to abstract that ends with mastery. It helps build strong math fundamentals that are the basis of future math learning.



MathPlus offers both group classes and private tutoring that provide students the personal attention and focus they need for academic success in math and English.

A quality tutoring experience doesn't have to break the bank. Classes can be purchased as single or semester classes at rates parents can appreciate.



Some people are just born to be teachers and Ms. Birdie is truly one of them. Ms. Birdie's math knowledge, ability to nurture students, patience and dedication to her students' progress make her a 1st choice math tutor.

She has helped many students improve their performance not only in math, but their confidence in school as well.